Welcome to Peppermint Zebra

Peppermint Zebra offers a fantasy and fun-filled experience that will delight the inner child in all of us. Owner, Karen Reynolds Dilks, opened the store, with inspiration from her grandson. 

“There are so many great toys, puzzles, experiments and books that teach the wonders of science, arts and craft, logic, motor skills, etc. I simply couldn’t find what I was looking for in the big box stores upon my grandson’s visits. Through the collaborative effort of my grandson, fellow grandparents, young mothers, fathers, aunts and uncles, playmates, and friends… Toys were handpicked to offer innovation and inspire family time. It’s a community effort.” K. Dilks 

At Peppermint Zebra, expect the best when it comes to exquisitely, hand crafted sweet delights. Representing small USA companies, multi generational master chocolatiers, taffy pullers, candy makers offer a magical culinary experience. 

Peppermint Zebra is all about fun. From nostalgia to novelty, from old-fashioned to inventive, Peppermint offers a happy experience for all ages.

About Peppermint Zebra

Peppermint Zebra is about fun, fantasy and family. Offerings include world-class confections, novelty gift and innovative toy selection specializing in education, arts, and science.

From the store’s design to the product presented, Peppermint Zebra breaks free from the traditional offerings of the big box stores.   Multi generational, master chocolatiers combine ingenuity with inventors of toys, books, puzzles, heirloom quality stuffed animals, magic, science kits, and more.   The smaller companies represented bring unique experience and merchandise not easily found.

Peppermint Zebra gives back to the community. Art shows and classes, story time, puppet and magic shows provide activities that bring families together.

Peppermint Zebra

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(928) 282-0220


At Peppermint Zebra, it’s truly about fantasy. Kids and grownups alike will be transported to a fantasy world where, if you can dream it, we can bring it to life.


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The confections at Peppermint Zebra taste as wonderful as they look. We offer only the finest selections from the most exclusive sources of delectable sweets.


Toys at Peppermint Zebra not only inspire the imagination, they let us explore the word around us. Our toys come from suppliers of the highest quality.